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 100 Operations Management model and diagrams for powerpoint presentations  

  • By drawpack
  • on February 11, 2011 am 7:36

Description : 100 Operations Management models and diagrams for your powerful business presentations.
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Transformation Process – In-Output – Macro Operations – Physical Buffering – Operations Strategy – Process Design – Manufactoring – Supply Chain Management – Vertical Integration – Assembly Operations – Capacity Leading Strategy – Product Technology – CAD – Job Design – Capacity Planning – Inventory Management – Economic Order Quantity – Pareto Curve – ABC Analysis – Material Management – Master Production Schedule – Layouting – Production Plan – Just-in-Time – Quality Management – PDCA Cycle – Process Reengineering – Cause Effect Diagram – Pareto Diagram – Why Why Analysis – TQM – Operations Network – Buffer Inventory

Operations Function: Narrow Definition
Engineering/ technical Product/service development


Operations management
Personnel Purchasing

Accounting and finance

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